Is something missing from your work life?

Do you want to be a part of a team where co-workers are family, where the work can actually be fun and where pride is taken in what you do to make a real difference?

The cycle of most jobs is the same - work hard, feel unappreciated, collect a paycheck, repeat.

At Spotless, we flip that cycle on its head.

While we do work hard, we also work smart, with training and support to make your job easier and more efficient.

Constant encouragement and appreciation from our community of clean teams and management make you feel truly valued, empowering you to do your best work and move the team forward as a whole.

Yes of course we will pay you, but this job will not just be about a paycheck, as our other team members can attest to.

This job is about a community of like-minded individuals who work hard, play hard and support each other both in work and in life.


Do you look for growth in a job?

Of course everyone wants to grow, but not every job offers the right opportunities for growth and advancement.

Most cleaning jobs are just that – cleaning, with no potential for growth and advancement as long as you’re employed. Basically a dead-end job.

Why would you want to waste weeks, months and years of your life putting your hard work and effort into something that has no future?

This is why at Spotless, we only believe in growth.

It is our growth mindset that has gotten a company that started with two people, to where it is today and where it will be in the future.

As a progressive, growing company we look for skills within each of our employees that could be utilized in other areas of the business. Whether that’s marketing, management, sales, finance – the sky is the limit and we want those of you who believe in what we do, to grow with the company.

Do you want something more than just another job?

If the answer is yes, then what are you waiting for??

Join a company that does things differently. Be a part of our amazing team and help us make a difference to better our own lives and the lives of those around us.

Check out the current open opportunities with Spotless. by J. Ferrari Cleaning Services and finally find what you’ve been looking for.