Spotless Star Cleaners - New York

Are you looking for a job where you are treated with RESPECT and have a REAL OPPORTUNITY to grow?

This job IS for you if:

  • You always show up, no matter what

  • You figure things out on your own & don’t need someone to hold your hand

  • You HATE making excuses

  • You can’t stand doing the bare minimum

  • You want more in life - for yourself and/or for your family

If you were shaking your head while reading that, let’s not waste each other’s time! If you answered YES to all, then read on!

This job IS NOT for you if:

  • You are a complainer, whiner or general pain in the butt

  • You are all about a paycheck and don't care about growing and improving

  • You can't be relied on

  • You don’t have a metrocard or would use lack of a metrocard as an excuse not to come to work

  • You don’t have a working smartphone phone (adult stuff)

If you HATED this ad – great! (It did its job). If you LOVED it, save yourself the headache of jumping from one crappy min wage job to the next and come to a place where your hard work is truly valued and appreciated and you can actually stick around!

No cleaning experience required - we hire for ATTITUDE and core values match, NOT experience.

Spots are LIMITED & fill up QUICK – Make a positive change in your life and APPLY NOW by clicking the button below.

Got questions about our hiring process?

  • STEP ONE: Click "apply now" to fill out our online application

  • STEP TWO: From this application we will select candidates to invite to record a video interview. Sounds tough but it's easy and will be the easiest and most unique way you've ever interviewed!

  • STEP THREE: Our team will review the video interviews and invite those we believe could be a good fit for our team to an in-person group orientation.

  • STEP FOUR: Following our group orientation, if we think it's a good fit, you'll be invited to an in-office training and then assigned to one of our team members for field training.

  • STEP FIVE: Impress us during training and you'll be invited to become an official member of Team Spotless!

Sound like a lot? It’s definitely more than most cleaning companies require but if it was easy, we wouldn't be an awesome place to work with an amazing team of people! We make it tough because we only want those who are serious about working with us and growing with our team.

If you think you'v got what it takes, apply! If this sounds like more than you care to do, no worries, it's good to find out before you waste your time, right?