How To Know When it's Time to Hire a Cleaning Service



As a business owner it’s easy to adopt a “do-it-yourself” attitude early on for the money saving benefits - tasks like bookkeeping, hiring and cleaning your facility are often kept in house. But as you grow, keeping these important functions in-house becomes less and less realistic - after all, if you’re wearing a million hats you likely aren’t wearing all of them well. 

So how do you decide when to keep something in-house or when it might be time to bring in some help?  


We get it - as a business owner it is very hard to part with money when you could realistically do those same tasks yourself for free. But the important thing to realize here is that your work is not free, in fact it should be worth more than anyone else’s work. There will come a time when there is a better use for your time than scrubbing toilets and you will gladly pay to have it done for you and not have to think about it. So how should you determine when that is?

  1. Are you and your staff rushing to get things done throughout the day or at the end of the night?

  2. Are your facilities beginning to look less than their best? (Think accumulations of dust on desks, lighting and corners, unpleasant odors or negative Yelp reviews)

  3. Have your employees declined accepting a few extra bucks to clean at the end of the night? Or if you don’t give them the choice, do they complain about having to do this?

  4. Has a client or employee had a bad bathroom break recently? Think no toilet paper or  soap, toilets looking less than safe to use, etc.

  5. Is the health and safety of your staff clientele and/or keeping your customers coming back, a top priority?

  6. What is your time worth? Could you use those 120 minutes spent cleaning each day to work ON your business rather than IN? (Attracting customers vs. cleaning floors). Think of it like this - if attracting customers is $100/per hour work but you are cleaning instead with the idea of saving money, you’re essentially paying $200 per day (if it takes you two hours) to have your business cleaned.


If you answered YES to most or all of these questions, it’s probably time to start exploring your options. If you answered NO to most or all, then by all means keep it in-house! 

Need help with either of these routes? Whether moving to a cleaning service or keeping the cleaning in-house, we have how-to’s for both!