How to Attract and Keep Clients with Atmospherics

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So what are atmospherics?

If you’re thinking the air around you, you’re wrong (partially)! Atmospherics is the experience. It’s what you see, smell, touch, hear and even taste that defines atmospherics. Put another way, it’s the ambiance your establishment exudes to the world that can make or break your image. Imagine walking into a restaurant, the dining room is pristine, the wine glasses spotless, the plates, knives and forks are placed precisely, the aroma of the food is enticing, the lighting is perfect. You then decide to use the restroom...and the experience is ruined.

Sound familiar?

The floor is sticky, there is no toilet paper in the bathroom stalls, the soap dispenser is out of soap, the hot water doesn’t work, the scent of the bathroom is not the best you have smelled. What does the customer automatically think? “I’m not coming back here again!”

Why are atmospherics important?

The concept of atmospherics applies to virtually every single businesses success. It is ultimately the all encompassing customer experience that will determine if you will ever see that customer again. Don’t think so?

A 2007 study titled, “Store Atmosphere, Mood and Purchasing Behavior” found that customers rate establishments differently based on atmosphere alone. The study compared two furniture stores, one with a “pleasant” atmosphere and one with an unpleasant ambiance. Conclusion: “Customers mood - measured at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of their shopping - was shown to improve in the pleasant and to deteriorate in the less pleasant store. Satisfaction with the store was greater in the pleasant store. Customers in the pleasant store spontaneously spent more money on articles they simply liked.”

The customers satisfaction occurred simply because of the impact the store had on the customers mood.

Simple, right? Not quite.

Whether you work in or own a business, such as a doctor’s office, a gym, studio, hair salon, clothing store, retail store, you name it...every aspect of the experience must be perfected. Without a holistic approach to your appearance, you can ensure less repeat customers, less referrals and ultimately lost business. This leads into our final topic of why atmospherics is crucial to your success.

Atmospherics = $ $ $

Yep, cold hard cash.

Without attention to detail, your customers will vote with their wallet (or purses)- elsewhere.

Progressive businesses are adopting a more holistic approach to their appearance, because they have realized (the hard way) appearance translates into happy customers. A great atmospheric experience means a happy customer which instantly translates into increased revenue. Studies on atmospherics show that even relatively small incremental investments in cleaning produce outsized gains for their organization.

Pro-Tips to Provide Value Atmospherics to Your Customers:

  1. Ensure, at all costs that the environment you are providing for your customers is SPOTLESS! Otherwise, as data supports, they’re not coming back! If it’s not clean, say goodbye to the green!

  2. The scent of your environment should reflect your image. What does that mean? If you are a yoga studio or gym, it shouldn’t smell like sweat. It should have a light refreshing scent like citrus or grapefruit. Too much of a good thing also holds true, too much citrus can be overpowering.

  3. The lighting of your environment absolutely must reflect your product and/or service with the image you are portraying to your customers. For example, fluorescent lighting may be more appropriate in an office setting, keep in mind too much fluorescent lighting can cause headaches. Warmer tones of lighting are more inviting and less sterile than fluorescent lighting. Use warmer tones of light to invite comfort. Don’t leave your customers in the dark either!

  4. It’s all about the tunes! Studies show that loud electronic tones are better suited for impulse or quick purchases. Classical music should be played at a lower volume to invoke relaxation, better suited to create an environment that will invite peace.

These are just a few tips...

The Bottom Line:


Your customers, reputation, business, and bottom-line will thank you.