6 Pro Tips to Do Your In-House Cleaning Right!


So you’re going to keep your cleaning in-house…NOW WHAT???

Keeping the cleaning in-house

Keeping the cleaning in-house may be the right solution for your business, but how do you know if you’re doing it properly and keeping your staff and clients or customers safe? Create a cleaning program and schedule using some of the tips below to ensure your cleaning is being done in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

1.Use EPA registered broad-spectrum quaternary disinfectants.

Mr. Clean is great for your home but in an environment that sees a lot of people, especially where sweat and skin to surface contact is prevalent, more powerful solutions that kill the range of viruses, bacteria and fungi present, is a must.

2. Always clean touched and/or sweated-on surfaces between uses

This means if you’re a fitness studio, floors and all equipment need to be disinfected after each use. Salons should clean chairs after each use, etc. Mirrors or other areas not commonly contacted by skin can be saved for the end of the night. 

3.Do a quick clean of locker rooms, bathrooms and showers between uses.

Showers and floors in a space for washing may seem clean, but the fact is these are the perfect environments for clients to pick up warts or athlete’s foot. Plus, seeing other people’s hair in the shower is pretty gross, right? Same with bathrooms - if you are a business where the bathrooms are used often, clean them at least every hour.

4.Pour an enzyme drain cleaner down your shower drains at night

If your business has showers this is critical - every night for heavy use and every other for light to moderate. This will help keep your drains from clogging due to all the hair being washed down and also help to prevent nasty smells. 

5.Purchase a pump sprayer

(Like the ones used by an exterminator) to quickly and easily spread cleaning solutions throughout the day when time is of the essence. 

6.Create a cleaning schedule

Assign staff to clean areas after each use, clean the locker rooms or bathrooms in hour intervals and then doing a deeper clean at night - dusting, detailing and wiping down all those areas not cleaned during the day (mirrors, desks, counters, benches, etc.).


Just remember that your clients/customers and staff are relying on you to help keep them safe and healthy, not a job to be taken lightly. Following these tips should help keep your space in excellent shape, your employees happy and your customers coming back!