5 Tips to Get Your Business Noticed Without Spending a Dime


Marketing with Cleaning - A Genius Approach to Get Your Business Noticed

Facebook, Instagram, email drip campaigns, referral bonuses - today there are a million and one ways to effectively market your business. The problem? Everyone is utilizing these same strategies. 

These marketing channels, while still very effective, are beginning to become quite noisy, especially within the ultra-competitive New York market. So the question becomes, what can you do differently to stand out? Find out how to market with cleaning…  

1. Create Awareness:  Create a campaign to inform your clients/customers and potential clients/customers about the dangers of a dirty space and the effect it can have on their health - this is particularly effective for the fitness, beauty services and children’s services industries.

2.  Inform:  Use facts like 1 in 3 people at any given time have a skin disease that can be spread to others through touch and sweat, to focus attention on the potential health hazards. For childcare facilities use stats about the staggering rate of illnesses picked up at daycare and learning centers.

3.  Make a Plan: Highlight your business’s cleaning plan to educate on the measures you are taking to ensure client or customer health and safety (if you don’t have a plan, now is the time to put one in place).

4.  Explain your plan:  What you use, how often you clean and where, how your towels are laundered, etc. (hint: a great cleaning service will provide this written plan to you at no charge).

5.  Get the word out:  Brochures, social media, your website – you get the point. Let them know you understand and acknowledge the dangers of sweaty, germ infested spaces to client and customer health and have a plan in place to ensure their safety.

EXPERIENCE THE RESULTS:  The results of your campaign and cleaning plan will be two-fold: 

    • Transparency:  This will increase their trust and liking towards your brand.

    • Question your competition:  Most competing businesses won’t be prepared for probing questions regarding their cleaning practices. This makes your relationship with clients “sticky” or in other words, increases retention. Not only do you provide them with a great service but also you look out for their well being by investing in a safe environment. Why don’t other businesses do this? they’ll ask. 


Cleaning may seem like a boring subject but if used as outlined above, it’s marketing gold. The best part? None of your competition is doing it. So do a little research, jump in and be the first to the party - we guarantee it will pay off.