Marketing with Cleaning - A Genius Approach to Get Your Business Noticed

What’s your plan?

Does your business currently have a cleaning plan? Do you market that plan to your clients and potential clients?

If not you are missing a huge client attraction opportunity.

Marketing a cleaning plan is an excellent customer attraction and retention tool for any business, but especially for fitness studios and gyms, childcare centers and schools (parents love this) and medical facilities.

If you have an awesome cleaning company they should provide you for this for free (hint, we do)…but you could easily make one yourself as well.

Check out our sample cleaning plan brochure for a fitness studio below, and get ideas on how to utilize an amazing untapped source of marketing.

Cleaning plan brochure copy.jpg
Cleaning plan brochure copy 2.jpg

Need more ideas for your business cleaning plan? Check out “5 Tips to Get Your Business Noticed Without Spending a Dime” for a more in-depth explanation on how to market with cleaning!