5 Tips to Protect Your Business This Flu Season



With flu season officially upon us, it’s more important than any other time of year to help protect your staff and customers from the spread of unpleasant germs.

So what are some additional precautions you can take to help minimize the spread of cold and flu germs?

Preventing the spread of illness

1.  Encourage those who are sick to stay home!

At the end of the day some people will still come to work coughing and wheezing, however put it out there that those who are sick should stay home and rest their bodies! Send out a company notice and post a PSA on your social media, website reminding them that it’s not only kind to your body but to fellow employees and customers who don’t want to get sick. Yes you may lose out on a bit of productive time from those staying home sick but it’s better than passing something around the office and getting everyone sick!

2.  Hand sanitizer galore!

If you already offer hand sanitizer, great you are ahead of the curve! But take extra care to check daily and ensure all hand sanitizer containers are filled - so many times I have stopped by a sanitizer station at a business or office, only to find it empty. It doesn’t hurt to add a few extra sanitizers around the space as well. If you don’t have hand sanitizer stations, they are a very smart investment and can save you tons of money down the line. Stand alone stations and wall-mounted ones are cheap and will pay dividends when you have a healthier environment.

3. Ensure high-touch areas are wiped down daily, at minimum!

Water fountains for example are shown to be a hot bed of germs and of course door handles, phones, toilet flush handles & sink handles, etc. Take extra care to sanitize these items throughout the day.

4.  Enlist the help of staff to keep your space healthy

Staff may complain about cleaning, however studies show that when wipes and other sanitizing tools are readily available for use, people are much more likely to take care in wiping and sanitizing items. Remind them that this is for their benefit and if everyone does their part to help keep germs at bay, the rate of sickness will reduce dramatically.

 5.  If you don’t have one already, now is a great time to get help from a cleaning company.

If you currently handle cleaning in-house, cold and flu season is a great time to get some extra help to cover your bases and keep your space sanitized. Hiring a professional service means less pressure on your staff and a healthier environment overall. 


While these precautions will not guarantee people will not get sick, taking the time to put extra measures in place will make a measurable difference in the health of your customers and staff and is worth little extra time and money to keep everyone healthy because failing to do so will cost you in the long run.