Assistant Crew Manager 

We are looking for a super reliable, team player who can think on their feet and can easily adapt to change. Must have professional cleaning experience and willing and able to work evenings and late nights as well as weekends when needed.

This is a management position NOT FOR THE WEAK. This is not an easy job - you'll be working when most people don't want to be. You'll be on-call during off hours and expected to help out at a moments notice if needed. You may have to jump in and clean from time to time. BUT if you can handle the pressure and meet our expectations, you will be rewarded, both financially and in responsibility/position.

This position has the potential to grow - we plan to promote whoever can take this job on and do it very well.


Reliable, honest, available on-call, be a team-player, eye for detail, set the example, be flexible, efficient, you must execute on demand, go above and beyond, willing to travel across boroughs, display excellent communication, embrace technology, adapt to continuous change in a growing company, display and enforce company protocols, contribute to others, be receptive and have a positive attitude!


Flexible - willing and able to work late nights, early mornings and weekends - we need people who want to work as hard as we do
Strong communicator
Tech savvy
Ability to understand and memorize company policies like the back of your hand, and then enforce them
A team player and self-starter
Excited to work at a fast-paced, high growth startup with a no-task-too-small attitude
Someone who does not complain or make excuses - save the drama for your mama

What do I have to do and what do I need?

You will be helping to manage employees on the overnight shift, performing quality inspections at our sites, delivering supplies and even jumping in to clean if needed.

Cleaning experience is REQUIRED.

EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION- if you can’t communicate, you can’t work for us.

A smartphone that works. You must be able to communicate and take photos.

You need to be able to complete and submit quality control reports due immediately after the inspection.

You must be RESPONSIBLE. You will be in charge of handling client keys.

What’s in it for me?

We are a rapidly growing, successful company with unlimited potential. What does unlimited potential mean? It means you can grow within our company. There is room for growth for the people who are dedicated, work smart, and show they want to do the job. For the right person, you will have the opportunity for major growth. What do we mean by growth? It means you can move up the chain and have more responsibility and more money - but ONLY if you can prove yourself.

What we are saying is that this ISN’T a dead end job, because we are growing and value the people that can bring on true VALUE. If you’re looking for a paycheck for the sake of a paycheck, we won’t waste your time.   

If you think you have what it takes, click the link below to fill out our employment application.