It all started when...

From our humble beginnings in Allentown, Pennsylvania with a mop and bucket, we realized early on that businesses seemed to harbor resentment towards cleaning services, despite their clear need for them.

After polling hundreds of businesses we came to a pivotal conclusion: that the cleaning industry is broken and stagnant - its plagued with carelessness, unreliability, poor quality of work, lack of supervision and extremely high turnover.

Rather than become just another cleaning service, we decided it was time for a change – not just for our company but for the industry as a whole.

Our big dreams and drive for real change brought us to New York City where we serve a growing client base with a team of passionate people on a mission to change the cleaning industry and to truly serve others.

Through careful selection, thorough training and support, appreciation, community and a real opportunity for growth, we serve our employees, who serve our clients with the highest quality of work and commitment.

Our approach is unlike any other cleaning company you will encounter. We look forward for the opportunity to show you the Spotless difference, setting a new standard for what a cleaning company can provide.